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Battle of Midway

In this adventure we will fly several bombing missions from the carrier Enterprise. It is recommended that you use the Dauntless bomber available at the above link. You will need to have the bomb weapon (FSX-Weapons-Pack-4) addon that is also used in Mike's Bomber Group project downloadable from the link above. You will also want to use our SPAARRCAB addon that allows arrestor cable and catapult function.

This adventure has three required flights. The first flight will be from Midway Atoll, Henderson Field (PMDY) to the Carrier Enterprise. This will give an idea of the proximity of Midway to the US fleet and later the Japanese Fleet to the Island. The next two flights will be from the carrier Enterprise, first to attack carriers Akagi, Soryu and Kaga. You will then return to the Enterprise. The next flight will be back out to sink the carrier Hiryu. At this point you will return to Midway Atoll to complete the adventure.

Battle Map and Timeline of Midway Battle.