Government Charter


You are a pilot for an Air Charter service certified in both Cessna Citation and Rotorcraft. You have been assigned to pick up the Governor of Minnesota and fly him to the US Capital for an important meeting with the President.

Aircraft and Simulator

You may fly this using any simulator, aircraft and helo adequate for the assignment. If you’re flying MSFS/FS2020, I recommend the H135 HPG Airbus Helicopter. This is available as freeware at the following website:

You will have to register to download, but it’s free to register. This helo is very easy to fly without any special instruction, and there is quick-start manual if needed.

The Citation CJ4 is available as default with MSFS.


Turn off Econ-mode for the round-trip helo flights (KSTP-MN Capitol-KSTP) and (KDCA-US Capitol-KDCA). This will prevent auto-pirep sending when landing at the capitol buildings. Note that these flight’s origin and destination should be set to KSTP-KSTP and KDCA-KDCA respectively to be accepted with the required flight numbers.

Turning off Econ-mode will also allow re-sending of pirep if it fails to upload due to errors with flight number or origin-destination data entry. In that case just correct the data entry error and push the “send” button again.

Flight Plan Description

You start at the Air Charter office located at KSTP Airport. The diagram below shows the location of the charter building and the aircraft parking area (GA ramp 61 in MSFS). If your simulator doesn’t have same gate location, you can move your aircraft to the location as shown.

You start by picking up your helo. Here it’s parked in front of the charter building, and GA ramp 61 is off to the right just past the buildings.

902448 (KSTP-KSTP) KSTP-MN Capitol-KSTP

Turn SPAACARS Econ-mode off. Fly your helo to the MN State Capitol. You can see from the diagram that going north from the airport, just off of Rwy32 is the Lafayette Bridge. Follow that across the river and west along the Interstate. You should be able to pick out the capitol’s domed top ahead of you. It’s depicted by the orange circle on this map.

Land your helo on the yard in front of the capitol and pick up the Governor and his party.

Return to KSTP GA Ramp 61 and transfer to your Citation for the flight to Washington.

902449 (KSTP-KDCA)

Fly from KSTP to KDCA and park your plane at GA ramp 70 as shown here by the pink arrow.

Transfer your passengers from the Citation to the helo at Gate 70 of KDCA as shown below:

902450 (KDCA-KDCA) KDCA-US Capitol-KDCA

Turn SPAACARS Econ-mode off.

Fly your passengers to the US Capitol grounds. Take off northbound from KDCA. You should readily see the Washington Monument almost straight ahead across the Potomac. Upon reaching the monument, head due east along the National Mall to the US Capitol.

Land on the US Capitol Grounds and drop off your passengers.

Wait for your passengers to complete their meeting and then return them to KDCA.

902451 KDCA-KSTP

Return your passengers to KSTP via jet.

902452 (KSTP-KSTP) KSTP-MN Capitol-KSTP

Fly your passengers by helo from KSTP to the MN Capitol. After dropping your passengers back at the MN Capitol, return your helo to KSTP GA ramp 61 or park in front of the Charter Office.

Turn SPAACARS Econ-mode off.

This completes this flight Series.

Flight Summary for PIREP
Flight Code Origin Destination Distance(NM) Description
902448KSTPKSTP20KSTP-MN State Capitol-KSTP
902452KSTPKSTP20KSTP-MN State Capitol-KSTP