National Park Service Cabin Check (Float Plane) - Group 2

Flights on this page refer to scenery and flight locations from Return To Misty Moorings Website.

Requires: The following RTMM Scenery Files: Cabins by the Lakes I and II.

Check the conditions of the National Park Service Cabins in Alaska

Flight Code Origin Destination Distance(NM) Orig Airport Dest Airport
900549CAH9MM-1746.9Telegraph CreekTodagin Lake Cabin
900550MM-17MM-0176.1Todagin Lake Cabin Cry Lake Cabin
900551MM-01MM-1036.3Cry Lake Cabin Dease Lake Cabin
900552MM-10MM-1965.3Dease Lake Cabin Tootsee Lake Cabin
900553MM-19MM-2249Tootsee Lake Cabin Teslin Lake South Cabin
900554MM-22MM-1843.1Teslin Lake South Cabin Jennings Lake Cabin
900555MM-18MM-0486Jennings Lake Cabin Pike Lake Cabin
900556MM-04MM-0218.3Pike Lake Cabin Llewellyn Glacier Cabin
900557MM-02MM0313.9Llewellyn Glacier Cabin Lost Lake Cabin
900558MM03MM-059.6Lost Lake Cabin Taku Arm Cabin
900559MM-05MM-0612.2Taku Arm Cabin Warm Creek Cabin
900560MM-06MM-0819.7Warm Creek Cabin Lindeman Cabin
900561MM-08MM-0911.3Lindeman Cabin Partridge Lake Cabin
900562MM-09MM-2167.5Partridge Lake Cabin Teslin Lake North Cabin
900563MM-21MM-2976.3Teslin Lake North Cabin Primrose Lake Cabin
900564MM-29MM-1514.4Primrose Lake Cabin Kasuwa Lake South Cabin
900565MM-15MM-1422.8Kasuwa Lake South Cabin Kasuwa Lake North Cabin
900566MM-14MM-1314.8Kasuwa Lake North Cabin Kasuwa Lake Cabin
900567MM-13MM-1118.8Kasuwa Lake Cabin Dezadeash Lake Cabin
900568MM-11MM-1214.9Dezadeash Lake Cabin Kathleen Lake Cabin
900569MM-12MM-757Kathleen Lake Cabin Kluane Cabin
900570MM-7MM-1656.6Kluane Cabin Louise Lake Cabin
900571MM-16MM-2782.7Louise Lake Cabin Lake Laberge North Cabin
900572MM-27MM-2059.6Lake Laberge North Cabin Quiet Lake Cabin
900573MM-20MM-2352Quiet Lake Cabin Wolf Lake Cabin
900574MM-23MM-2671.4Wolf Lake Cabin Frances Lake West Fork Cabin
900575MM-26MM-2428.2Frances Lake West Fork Cabin Anderson Lake Cabin
900576MM-24MM-2524.3Anderson Lake Cabin Frances Lake East Fork Cabin
900577CAV5CAA715Sullivan Bay SeaplaneEcho Bay Seaplane