Quick Guide to PIREP Flight Numbering

Our Official Flight Schedule is accessible from the Pilot's Office (Option 6 - Flight Schedules).

The Flight Schedule page allows you to display flights for different Hubs or search for available flights based on origin and/or destination airport.

If you are planning a flight and there currently exists one or more flights in our official schedule that matches your desired origin and destination, you must use one of those flight options (flight number) listed in our official schedule, regardless of what the hub listing for that scheduled flight.

Only in the event that no officially scheduled flight matches your desired origin and destination, you must use your user-defined flight number.

Your unique user-defined flight number is derived as follows:

The user-defined flight number must have the following format: 7PPPH#####.
Where the first digit must be "7"
the following three digits must be your pilot ID (such as 534, or 028, or 005).
The "H" designates your Hub, where MSP=1, MIA=2 and EGL=5.
The remaining half the the 10-digit flight number is your choice.

For example, my Pilot ID is 534 and my assigned Hub is MSP. Therefore, my user-defined number will be 75341#####:
Always start with "7". my Pilot ID "534" and my Hub is MSP "1", so (75341) and the remaining part is anything I want, or I can omit the remaining 5 numbers/characters.