Good morning pilots,

I'm fairly confident that most issues related to the new site have been resolved now. Today I finished some work on the links related to the moving display on the main page and worked with SOP Mgr. Larry to get the Hub and Service Awards issuing menu up and running correctly.

Like a growing number of our pilots, I've been testing the new FS2020/MSFS simulator quite a bit and commenting with them on our forum. Our testing and forum comments tracks similarly with the other simmers across the Internet - ranging from enthusiastic support for the new sim to utter disappointment. Of course, most of us fall somewhere in between. I've been posting many pics from the new sim, using our Florida Sightseeing Charter as a test. But for some issues needed to be resolved with the sim and the plane, the scenery is spectacular and our Sightseeing Charter Flights are a good choice for pilots wishing to fly using the new simulator. I must say that, after getting used to the new sim scenery, returning to P3D/FSX is almost like going from real video to cartoons on a TV or movie. Still, the closer to the scenery you get, the more defects become apparent. I'm sure it will be some time before FS2020 reaches its full potential and gets the many bugs corrected.

The best part of the new sim is that it has brought new interest to flight simulation. I look forward to seeing new pilots joining virtual airlines like ours to fly and share their simming experience with others with similar interests.

Happy flying,