Good evening pilots,

I want to thank pilots who have regularly joined in the fun that we have every Wednesday on our evening Group Flight and Social Hour - and special thanks to SOP Mgr. Larry for regularly planning, posting the flight plans for this event and then leading the flights. Anyone who is interested should come and fly with us or at least drop by and say hello to us when you see us gathered on Teamspeak.

With the warm weather drawing to a close here in Minnesota, I will be able to spend more time flying and adding new flight offerings to the site. Larry and I have been thinking of trying a P3D/FSX multi-player flight with the Battle of Midway Adventure we have on the Adventures Page. Larry and I have completed that adventure individually, but we find that they are more fun when multiple pilots join in the fun. I'm also looking to use this as an opportunity to get some video for next year's annual video promo.

For those WWII buffs wishing for a more in-depth experience, Mike's 387th Bomb Group page offers pilots a detailed understanding and simulation of WWII bombing runs. Again, this offering currently works with P3d and FSX.

Happy flying,