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Welcome to St. Paul Airlines

Welcome to friendly St. Paul Airlines! We're glad you've stopped by!

St. Paul Airlines provides worldwide service. Whether you're looking to take a hop from Duluth down to Rochester, Miami to San Francisco or London to Berlin (or if you need to go to Abu Dhabi or Bogota), St. Paul Airlines will take you where you need to go.

But we also provide Special Operations division with bush & VFR flights, charters, freight & cargo, seaplane or helicopter sections, round the World, Trans-American and Trans-European tours plus a lot of new exciting flying challenges.

At St. Paul's, you're not just a "number" on an ever-changing roster, you're a Virtual Airline Pilot.

We have friendly hub managers who are willing to help you get started and answer your questions. All you have to do is email them.

When you join us, we assign you a personal ID code so you can maintain your very own log book. You can then post and view your log book entries online from anywhere in the world. There is no software for you to install.

In addition to being the friendliest Virtual Airline on the internet, we have members with literally thousands of hours of combined simulator and real-world flight time. Our roster includes a retired DC-9 airline pilot, military pilots and private pilots.

We offer you, the prospective pilot:

  • Downloadable aircraft in our company colors.
  • A structured, balanced, and fair ranking system.
  • Friendly staff who will assist you with your issues.
  • You can look up your own personal hub flight assignments provided by your hub manager.
  • Links to help you with your flight planning.
  • You post your own PIREPs (Pilot Reports) which are then sent to you via email and are available to you online.
  • A training Department that is second to none.
  • A large selection of flights to choose from - over 1600 total routes.
  • Furthermore, the incredible St Paul Airlines BUSH & VFR OPERATIONS DIVISION brings in unique adventures for the most audacious pilot, with already more than 1500 flights on schedule, worldwide.
  • Our unique Chief Pilot Program.
  • You can use our Pilot Pub to post messages and pictures of your flights.
  • You can register to join our bulletin board and contribute to our discussions or start one of your own.
  • ...and most of all, HAVE FUN!

So what are you waiting for? Join us today!

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Few examples of our online flights
Search & Rescue
Slideshow+Audio Part 1
Slideshow+Audio Part 2
May 13 ATC audio
KJAX Tower
JAX Center
MEM Center
July 29 ATC video
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Tutorials Regarding multiplayer/online flights
How to connect to a FS9 multiplayer session?
How to submit PIREP automatically after each flight?
Click here for more tutorials


To offer new horizons for your low and slow flights over the most beautiful landscapes, I have established a partnership with "RETURN TO MISTY MOORINGS ORGANISATION (RTMM)".

I am sure that this new department, taking into account some of the most recent development in the field of flight simulation, will add fun to our favourite hobby and attract new participants into our friendly virtual airline.

I have created a special web page where you will find all required details and information at:


You will also find a link in the Special operations Manager Office, #13 in the PILOT's OFFICE SECTION

Furthermore, if you wish to see what RTMM say about this new partnership you can visit this link to their page on their website .

Meet you soon around Misty Moorings or Ketchikan



RT66 Road Trip 06
RT66 Road Trip 06
Album: Steve Stevens
RT66 Road Trip 04
RT66 Road Trip 04
Album: Steve Stevens
RT66 Road Trip 05
RT66 Road Trip 05
Album: Steve Stevens
RT66 Road Trip 03
RT66 Road Trip 03
Album: Steve Stevens
RT66 Road Trip 02
RT66 Road Trip 02
Album: Steve Stevens
RT66 Road Trip 01
RT66 Road Trip 01
Album: Steve Stevens
Random 24
Random 24
Album: Steve Stevens
Random 23
Random 23
Album: Steve Stevens
Random 22
Random 22
Album: Steve Stevens
Random 21
Random 21
Album: Steve Stevens
Random 20
Random 20
Album: Steve Stevens
Alabeo Cheiftan 05
Alabeo Cheiftan 05
Album: Steve Stevens
Alabeo Cheiftan 04
Alabeo Cheiftan 04
Album: Steve Stevens
Alabeo Cheiftan 02
Alabeo Cheiftan 02
Album: Steve Stevens
Alabeo Cheiftan 03
Alabeo Cheiftan 03
Album: Steve Stevens
Alabeo Cheiftan 01
Alabeo Cheiftan 01
Album: Steve Stevens

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