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Flights on this page refer to scenery and flight locations from Return To Misty Moorings Website.

Fly your own Misty Moorings flights

Flight Numbering Your Own Misty Moorings Flights at St. Paul Airlines

When flying Misty Mooring routes, use the following flight numbering for your PIREP:
Postfix your flight number with "MISTY" like this: "#####MISTY" where "#####" are your user-defined flight number sequence. For example: 70071MISTY.

Try our RTMM flights using our Econ Module

Flights at Ketchikan Center on our Econ-2018 Page are designed for RTMM scenery

Combine the wonderful RTMM scenery-based flight destinations with our Econ-2018 system. Those remote landing locations become even more challenging when your landing rate is evaluated and passengers get frightened with rough handling.

...Or Choose from these flight options:

Supply Runs Cabin Checks
Stikine Icefield Research Program Resupply Mission National Park Service Cabin Check 1 (Float Plane)
Alaska Bush Flight Supply Service National Park Service Cabin Check 2 (Float Plane)