This file is originally created by Jim Vile. Please download the file ilskmsp1.zip from flightsim.com and install as suggested in his readme.txt The original file has been edited to suit our airlines (SPA). This file adds Runway 17/35 and gates are customized for SPA AI. Please download the SPA AI separately. Just copy the file AF2_KMSP_ILS_jv.bgl to Flight Simulator 9->Addon scenery->scenery on your FS9 drive. Overwrite if prompted. Please ensure to remove any other KMSP afcad file you have installed before this. Any questions, please let us know in our forum.
KDEN AFCAD2 file for default FS9 airport only
KDEN AFCAD2 file for default FS9 airport only. For use with the SPA AI traffic.
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