Good article on MSFS/FS2020 about Computer Hardware's Impact on game performance

3 weeks 5 days ago #16464 by jer029
Thanks Robert,

That's a great article on all the things they have cooking behind the scenes there to look forward to. Now if they could only stop breaking things as they add new stuff (but that often can happen).

I tried the night flying last night to check it out. I found that it looks great for a single screen, but when stretched to wide angle for a 3-screen setup it gets big and blurry without some additional adjustments they need to allow for that option. This is a complaint many multi-monitor simmers have already made, so I'm sure it will eventually be on their list. For now I put up with the annoying large fuzzy lighting at night, but the rest of the sim is acceptable.

Another interesting thing I noticed was when I flew over downtown Mpls. at night, it appears that all the photoreal buildings that I recognize are gone and replaced by buildings that light up. I'm guessing that only addon scenery for such areas will provide both night and daytime versions of real world buildings.

Still the spectacular night view flying low over the city is the best simulation I've seen. Now if I can only get that quality over my 3 screens and the bugs worked out and a better selection of aircraft, I won't see a need to go back to the other sims for anything. Additionally, it looks like there's already good information for scenery development available so when I'm ready to tackle that to tailor scenes to our specific needs like I did for our Adventure Packs and Econ-2018 Juneau Group-2 Flights, it might even be easier than the outdated tools available for FSX/P3D.

I like what I see coming, but like the rest of the sim community, I feel it can't get here fast enough.

John Rogers

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3 weeks 4 days ago #16471 by SPA031
Now, for a top tier computer. It looks like I have an average computer when it comes to recommendations. So far, my internet connection is limited to 20 Mbps. That puts me into the average zone for MSFS requirements. Although my PC is average, the MSFS performance is adequate for now.

I would like to add a virtual headset someday. MSFS 2020 is compatible with VR, so it looks like that technology is available now. But, I would not be surprised to see Microsoft come up with a virtual IR headset of their own design.

So, I think I will uninstall my P3D software and go exclusively with MSFS, I just hope the aircraft developers out there will get on the ball and provide us with a better selection of aircraft. The scenery is fine.

Who knows, this franchise could expand into ground based vehicles some day. WOW! Where is this going?

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3 weeks 2 days ago #16487 by SPA031
How about Microsoft Flight Simulator on XBox?

Check this out: XBox and Flight SimulatorXBox

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