RTMM and FS2020/MSFS - Good news but a long journey

2 weeks 2 days ago - 2 weeks 2 days ago #16514 by jer029
RTMM is experimenting with adding MSFS/FS2020 Simulator to their supported simulators. While this is good news, it will likely be a long wait for both MSFS and then support by RTMM to reach level of stability currently enjoyed by those using RTMM with P3D/FSX. The brief NOTAM on the subject at the RTMM site describes very well the issues involved that apply to any 3rd-party addons to the constantly "moving target" that "beta" MSFS currently presents.

This also explains why I'm reluctant to add many 3rd party addons to MSFS at this point, and why I've not dedicated any time on further development of software or scenery addons that support MSFS other than minimum support for our SPAACARS program. I've also mentioned in an earlier post that I didn't consider MSFS to have a "stable release" to date. RTMM's reference to its beta status supports this opinion that I'm sure is shared by many others in the flight simming community.

That said, I still see a bright future for MSFS and it continues to be my choice of simulators to fly at this point.


John Rogers
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