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Good evening pilots,

As I kick back here with my Chardonnet for the evening to reflect on the events of the day...and the past couple, I decided to look at the activity listings for our pilots. Ok, so it was partly because I've actually been flying lots lately and I thought I'd see if I registered on the charts. Yeah baby...I'm up there this month!

That said, I decided to take a look and our newer pilots. I know they say it's lonely at the top, but I think it can even be lonelier at the bottom if you're a new pilot at a new airline working your way up the ladder.

So...looking at the two hubs we currently track (MSP and MIA), I see two pilots...ok, three actually because one of the two top new pilots of last month is now delinquent and we can only hope he comes back to stay current. it goes:

For our MSP Hub, Ed Aikey flew 1 sortie in August, which was enough to put him on the charts for the month (not a very high bar I must admit :( . Unfortunately, he is currently showing as delinquent status for not flying in the past 30 days. Let's hope he finds his way back to get some flying time in soon!.

Therefore, I think its important to look at the next in line for MSP who is actually still current and carrying our passengers and cargo to their destinations. That would be Bill Bennett who just flew 2 days ago and is very much current on his flights. congrats - albeit a month late, goes to Bill for his efforts in keeping current and flying with us.

Now...on to our MIA hub. Congrats go to pilot Steve Coates who is current and flew just 10 days ago, showing as the most active new pilot for the MIA Hub for August. Steve gets extra credit for joining just as we migrated the site and he lost his first hours due to the migration of the site. Those were restored eventually, but it was an extra snafu that he had to deal with besides getting to know SPA and how things work here.:dance:

There you have it. Thanks to all of our pilots who keep our planes in the air here at SPA, and share their thoughts with other SPA pilots on our forums.

Happy flying,


John Rogers
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11 months 4 weeks ago #16345 by BillMan4
Thanks for the kudos! I have been working on about 5 different tours and 1 around the world as well as free flights at the same time. Kind of hard sometimes to decide which "flight" to fly in. Almost done with the WA State Tour! I'll just keep plugging along.. still with FSXSE and NVIDIA game experience. Can't switch or try the MSFS until I get a new desktop that can handle the specs...oh well someday soon!

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