Go West Young Man...The Hard Way

5 months 1 day ago #16511 by SmittyBRS
Decided to blow the carbon out of the pipes of my EMB 505 Phenom as I hadn't had it out of the hanger in a while. Loaded up a Flight Plan from KBNA to KPHX, loaded up the FMC at headed out. I know it's just a simulator, but I really should have paid more attention to the changing seasons especially flying East to West at high altitude.

The WX was beautiful if the 120 to 160KT headwinds don't concern you. Got up FL380 and noticed my GS was really low with the 157KT headwind I was trying to buck! Tried every altitude between FL390 and FL240 but no joy. Finally settled for FL300 with 120KT on the nose.Used just about every drop of fuel in the tanks and added about and hour and a half en route time to the trip.

Lesson learned PPPPP !!! Prior planning prevents................:unsure:


LOW & SLOW is the WAY to GO

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5 months 1 day ago #16512 by Westcoast
..piss poor performance.

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