Great Scenery for HELI OP practice.

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Check out AVSIM file name, Excellent freeware scenery for HELI practice. the platforms at Galveston and Corpus Christi are only 7 miles offshore. The scenery is for FSX but I found it works wonderfully in P3Dv4.5 as well.

LOW & SLOW is the WAY to GO
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Thanks Smitty,

But I could actually place the oil rigs for our own Offshore Charter whereever I wanted too.  I could even put a bunch of them right at an airport if I wanted to.  I placed them where the actual BP rig locations were for the purpose of that charter.  I found great practice was just jumping back and forth from the 3 helo pads at the starting airport for our offshore charter. For those wanting shorter flights, the latest helo Fire Tower charter offers that, especially since the smaller choppers don't have AP - at least not the default ones.

While we allow user-defined flights here at SPA, it's our preference that pilots try to fly our official flight offerings when possible - especially if there's already flights to and from the destination you want to fly.  This can easily be checked from the Pilot's Office under "Schedules".  You can search the official schedules database for all flights to or from a destination.  You're likely to find any number of official flights that go from your desired origin to your desired destination.  We would like pilots to fly those official flight numbers rather than just making up a user-defined flight number.


John Rogers
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