Where you will find the flight plan

1 month 3 weeks ago #16734 by airhogg
All Pilots:
              Those whose wish to join us for the Multiplayer flight on Wednesday at 19:30 CST, you will find the flight plan
and flight nav log in the "Enhancements" folder than go to Bush Operations plans. Both files are there for download.. As a test, l downloaded
and install the flight plan after l open my FSX , then clicked on the flight planner  installed it from my Download folder. No issues.

Those pilots that have never flown in multiplayer mode before but would like to, you can contact me and we can do a one on one flight
just to get your feet wet so to speak, and will see that it`s very informal and friendly atmosphere. Most importantly when your in a group,
you have to watch for the other aircraft or learn how to  approach an runway from a deep valley or mountainous terrain. It`s not going to be a perfect 
landing everytime as we all know that, and you may get razzed by your fellow pilots but that`s part of the fun.
Most of the pilots that l fly with, they all tell me they prefer flying in mountainous terrain. So, if you want a little diversity with your flight,  give
multiplayer a try. You might like it.        

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