Congrats to Pilots for Monthly Flight Activity

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I occasionally like to look at the Pilot Activity area of our website to see who is doing the flying here at SPA.

I would like to congratulate the top Hub pilots for the month of December - 2020.

Congrats to Scott Roe - most hours for the month
Congrats to Hub Mgr. Eric Eder - most hours for the month
Congrats to  Smitty - most Sorties for the month
Congrats to Jeff Robinson - most active new pilot

Note:  These totals are based on officially scheduled hub flights flown by pilots, not user-defined flights.  In the future I'll have to look at some additional tracking of pilot hours by pilot (Ron Real), and other areas.  This is another reason we want to keep track of this - so we know who's flying and what they like to fly.  This will help us decide where we might put additional efforts into flight development.

So...Congratulations to our December-2020 top-performers for MSP and MIA Hub Flights. 


John Rogers
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