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In preparation for our implementation of user-defined flight number constraints tomorrow, I've made some final updates to our SOP flights that were either not listed in the official schedule or were not clearly defined on the pages that listed those flights.  This includes some of the Econ flights, the Adventure Pack flights, and the 387th Bomb Group flights.  These now generally have the orig/dest information listed in parentheses or brackets so that you can clearly understand the required orig/dest information that goes along with the flight number.  If in doubt, I've also added an ECON search option to the SOP option.  These two search options will allow you to find your desired flight number and identify the correct orig/dest entry if you run into problems.

There are still listed Econ flights that no longer have a page-link to cover the flights.  I'll eventually get that updated and posted, as they are the old Cargo flights that have auto-generated completion award icons for finishing the flight group.  I think only Larry Chew - our intrepid SOP Mgr., had completed all of them before they went away.  In fact, for the best listing of available awards, it's worth looking at Larry's award page under Pilot's Awards.  On that note - I might add that I've introduced the newest Contributing Member Award thanks to EGL Mgr. Kennedy's contribution.- the first for 2021.  You can check his award page to see what those look like.  All pilots automatically have an award page when they become a member.  Some awards are automatic (Adventure Pack, and some Econ awards, Years of Service).  Others - like the Hub Awards (SOP Charter Flight awards) need to be brought to the attention of your hub manager so that you might be issued the award.

Happy flying,


John Rogers
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