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There is an artist rendition of the Wright Bro's aircraft on our fleet page. That art was given to us by "Big" Dave himself for free. I asked him if I could do this and he agreed. Now, if you click on it, nothing happens. Clicking on that art work should have taken you to his web site. But, alas, poor "Big" Dave has passed from cancer. 

Here is a link to his art:  "Big" Dave Deal art
Here is a relative link from a web search:  "Big" Dave Deal
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Thank you Robert,

Another piece of St. Paul Airlines history that I wasn't aware of.  This is why I'm so happy when our senior members come back and fly with us.  For those of you who don't know - Robert was a developer for St. Paul Airlines - and much of the code still bears his name - and that of our former Webmaster, Naresh Gurung.  I'm honored to have added my name to this list of developers who have contributed to St. Paul Airlines.  May our now seventeen-year tradition carry on well into the future.  It is for this reason that I expended the extra effort to try and save both photos and forum posts of St. Paul Airline's early years.  This has been tough, as we've endured website hacks and Internet-provider server failures, and even the most recent migration to a new system format,  yet we've managed to continue on - maintaining almost uninterrupted service while preserving our long and proud history.

Happy flying now...and into the future.


John Rogers

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