Econ-2018 and FS2020

1 month 1 week ago #16311 by jer029
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Hey Pilots,

So today I happened to notice that all the database connections to our Econ-2018 options were not workings. I've fixed them and decided to give a test flight with the KMSP Center. Ok...I know that's the most complex of our offerings in Econ-2018, but why not start with the most difficult because everything else should be easier.

Anyway, I just took the first flight to test the database connection change I made and it worked. This was good from a programming standpoint, but not from a flying standpoint if you're wanting to fly FS2020 with the available aircraft. I was given a flight to KSAW from KMSP with 30 passengers and 3000 Lbs. of cargo. After I finally figured out how to get that set up in FS2020 for the only plane that could handle that PAX/CARGO load, the A320, I was off to the races.

Shortly after takeoff I managed to make the passengers scream because the issue with speed and altitude adjustment is still an issue for me. Anyway, the rest of the flight went alright, and the landing was one of my better ones with this new plane, but I still ended up with over 19,000 loss on the flight. Needless to say, I would have been better off taking the penalty for not flying rather than flying with that setup.

Ok, that's the way this Econ setup works. If you don't have the right plane for the job in your hangar, then you're better off not flying the flight. On the bright side, the Econ program is working as expected for the new site, but verifying that may not have been worth the $19,300 price tag. I think you guys owe me a drink at the pilot's pub tonight. ;)

John Rogers

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1 month 1 week ago #16334 by Westcoast
Replied by Westcoast on topic Econ-2018 and FS2020

For obvious reasons, I'm pleased that Econ Mode still works with FS 2020. I'm still at my place in the mountains, flying on my old laptop for the remainder of September and the first two or three weeks of October. So, I haven't started to seriously contemplate 2020 yet. Judging from the start up problems you guys are having with it, that's probably just as well. Then too, I'm thinking of building a Zwift set-up, and that may take first priority. By then I hope most of the problems will be ironed-out.

Meanwhile, I have still been trying to land the A2A B-17 - the hardest plane I've every tried to land. It either slaps into the runway to the vocal alarm and criticism of my ten man crew, or it floats all the way to the overrun. Since the B-17 is a tail dragger, you can't use the brakes until you're almost dead stopped. Very frustrating. I may have to form my own B-26 Wing.


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1 month 1 week ago #16335 by jer029
Replied by jer029 on topic Econ-2018 and FS2020
Hey Mike,

Yes...I had planned to wait before jumping into FS2020 because, as most simmers used to new releases understand, there would be the first-year frustrations with unexpected bugs and problems that are always compounded by the myriad hardware setups it's expected to work on. But, it was tempting anyway - and I wanted to deal with the issues regarding our SPAACARS program that were difficult to impossible without actually having the software myself to run tests with. I'm having fun with FS2020, as I was mentally prepared for the frustrations I had expected - and that were fortunately less severe than other users have encountered with the new sim.

I hope we can explore your earlier-discussed 387th BG Project now that the site is up and running and I'll have more time for such things.

I also want to look into more Sightseeing Charter flights because these can now be done in FS2020 without the addition of any new scenery addons like those I created for the MN and FL FSX/P3D versions. I've been posting pics of my flight of the FL Charter using FS2020, and only two of the 'sights' (that were admittedly a bit outside the beaten path) weren't locatable in FS2020. It is still an excellent charter flight for FS2020 users.

Lastly, regarding Zwift :velo: . I love my Zwift setup for riding when it's too cold outside (perhaps the opposite reason you'll find it useful). I overrode and cramped up last winter I was having so much fun with it. I wrote an article about my setup experience for our club newsletter that they never published (yet). I'll send it off to you by email and perhaps you'll find it useful.


John Rogers

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1 month 1 week ago #16336 by SPA031
Replied by SPA031 on topic Econ-2018 and FS2020
Thanks to John et al for making this one of the best sim clubs out there.

I am not a complainer about anything, and take it all in with a grain of salt. FS2020 certainly seems to have some issues, but we have to accept that because of the complexity of the system. Just go with the flow with patience. It will be alright. It is a great start,

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