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2 weeks 1 day ago #16417 by jer029
Hey Pilots,

Just wanted to mention that I've been having fun with the Econ-2018 flights (namely the MSP Center option) as a fun option for the new MSFS A320Neo. As you might recall, the MSP Center works on a bidding process where you are given a series of flight options that change every 12 hours (currently at 0100 and 1300 Hrs CDT). You must adjust your payload weight so that it equals PAX count *170 + Cargo weight. Then SPAACARS will show correct Cargo weight when you set the PAX count in SPAACARS to the required PAX count for your flight. As long as the flight number, origin and destination, passenger count and cargo weight match that listed in the Flights page for the flight you are assigned, then you will get a "completed" indicator once you've finished the flight. Keep in mind that your "company's" revenue depends on you completing assigned flights without carrying excess fuel, using too large a plane for the passenger and cargo payload, and not crashing, landing hard or otherwise frightening your passengers. All these things can cut into your bottom line. With all that riding on you as the captain, it will give you a new sense of seriousness in flight and fuel planning and aircraft handling.

Get those flights in and increase your bottom line because those gate fees come due at the end of the month and can put you in the red if you're not keeping those planes flying.

Happy flying,


John Rogers

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