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1 year 1 month ago #16458 by paul.kennedy
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I use P3D V5 and FSTramp, but I do my flight planning with P3D and it automatically transfers the flight over to FSTramp. I haven't had a problem with SPAACARS doing it this way. I still get the flight plan I made with P3D shown in the moving map window... Haven't tried doing flight planning with FSTramp and am not even sure what the advantage would be?

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1 year 1 month ago #16459 by SmittyBRS
Replied by SmittyBRS on topic ACARS Error Message
TX Paul,

Don't know why I hadn't tried it before, but when I generate the FP from P3D all is well in SPACARS. Really didn't have to use FSTramp to create the FP as I'm not using SIDS or STARS with my "Low and Slow" flying'.

If I need instrument Departures or Arrivals the basic FP has been generated by P3D and available. I use FSTramp to set those up as it upgrades to my Navigraph cycle and lets me use current info.The only time I use SIDS andf/or STARS now is when I'm flying Corporate or an occasional Heavy in or out of major airports.

TX for the tip.


LOW & SLOW is the WAY to GO

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