Group Flight plan for 3-10-21 for 19:30 CST, is ready for download

1 month 1 week ago - 1 month 5 days ago #16951 by airhogg
          Your group flight plan/Info, are rady to download. You will find them in the Enhancements folder , 
          then look under the "Wed. Night Group Flight Plans" file. As always, After you start you Fltsim,
          open your joinFS, larest ver: 2.0.5 the scroll down the center SPA page, and click on the 
          "Default Channel" to open your Teamspk. If you have minor issues, we can help you befor we
          start the flight. Set your clock for the flight at 12:00 pm, Fair or Clear for the weather. 
          Most important, have fun with the flight.
          Just curious, if we had a afternoon flight, would some of you be interested in flying
           at that time?  Just reply to this post

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