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New Website Banner? was created by jer029
It has been suggested that we might consider updating (redesigning) our site's banner.  The current logo has been around a long time - as long as I've been here, and there were a few older and a bit different examples that may have been used eariler - or tested as possibilities.  Anyway,  I've thought about banner design some time ago, but decided that keeping the original was good so that visitors, retired pilots, etc. could recognize the banner as the old St. Paul Airlines even though the site appearance has changed significantly since I became webmaster.  The color scheme is new, with the blue toned site layout from the latest migration to the colorized Intro message with the moving plane and the marquee I added to the old site and brought forward to the new one.

Prior to these changes, the site was primarily an off-white background and a rather drab and unexciting presentation (I thought anyway).  With the changes I made to the home page, I had decided to leave the logo as the original so the site might still be recognized by those previously familiar with it.

Anyway, it might be interesting to see what the general membership thinks about this change, as it will not take much effort on my part to change the current banner to a new banner if it matches the size of the current bannter.  The specifications for the banner are as follows:

jpg or png file with a width of 950px and a height of 93px.  This is the current banner size, and can probably be altered a bit, but not too much please because I'm not interested in spending time modifying the template to accommodate a radical change in banner size.

Please feel free to add your thoughts or suggestions regarding a banner change to this forum thread.  If you have creations of your own that you want considered, please upload them to your photo gallery and link them to a reply to this topic so all can see them and perhaps make a decsion on what (if any) changes we decide to make.

Final decision must be agreed upon by the managment team.



John Rogers

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